Saito Shuka, otherwise known as Shukashuu, is the voice behind Watanabe You, from Love Live! Sunshine!!

#朱夏取扱説明書 (#ShukaInstructionManual) is the Twitter tag that Shukashuu uses to answer questions that her fans have sent in. You can tweet her your questions using the same hashtag!

This website is a translated compilation of all the questions and answers asked since she started in October 2015.
You can find her original tweet linked by the @Saito_Shuka found next to each tweet. We hope this "instruction manual" teaches you more about our favourite Shukashuu! o7


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October 2015

7 Oct 2015


Some of you asked what my favorite foods were. My favorite foods are fruit, salisbury steak, and melonpan ヽ( ´_`)ノ Heh heh. Oh, and sweets… lol

If you have any questions for me, feel free to ask ♡ Gonna try to sleep early tonight!!

8 Oct 2015


Whew! Good evening, it’s Saitou. Thank you for all of your questions! ️♡ Hmmm~ I think I’ll reply to a question a day!!

What sports do I play? I know how to play badminton! Also, I can dance! Does that even count as exerciseー? I’ve been dancing for 8 years ヽ( ´_`)ノ♡ Hehe

9 Oct 2015


I said I would answer a question a day, but I ended up answering two! haha

① I like cheap snacks A LOT! I really like them!!

② The dance genres I specialize in are jazz and hip-hop! I also tried breakdancing once (✽ ゚д゚ ✽)

10 Oct 2015


Ta-da! I’ll answer two questions again today!

① Can you leapfrog over a vaulting box?**

→ Yep, I can! ( *˙0˙*) I like exercising!

② What’s your favorite memory from high school?

→ The cultural festival from my third year! I put on Halloween-themed makeup and danced It’s almost Halloween season againnn! Playing tricks is a must!

**(Most likely questioning her ability to do that one part from KimiKoko. And as we all know, she succeeded! :D)

11 Oct 2015


Today I’ll answer just one question

Q. What’s your favorite season?

→ The transition from summer to fallーwhen the air gradually cools to a comfortable kind of chilliness. Somehow I like the scent of the air that time of year! That’s why I like the period of time between summer and fall (((o( ˆoˆ )o)))

12 Oct 2015


My answers!

① Hobbies → Listening to music, watching DVDs,  and taking walks

② Play any instruments? → From 4th to 6th grade, I played trumpet and cornet!

③ Do you prefer the sea or the mountains? → It’s a tough choice, but I prefer the sea! It feels nice to splash your feet around in the water!

④ Current addiction? → Cooking… lol

13 Oct 2015


We broke 100 questions! Thank you so much

Q. What do you do when you get a day off?

→  I usually go out and spend time with my mom

Q. What do you do the hour right before you go to sleep?

→ I take a bath〜!? Then I write in my diary while listening to music, reflecting on what I’ve done for the day ( ⸝⸝⸝ˆoˆ⸝⸝⸝ )!!

14 Oct 2015


My apologies, only answering a single question again (´・_・`)

Really sorry. (´・_・`)

Q. What kind of clothes do you like?

→ I like simple clothes!

But my preferences tend to change easily depending on my mood! Scarves are a must during winter ️ I love scarves ヽ( ´_`)ノ Also knit clothing! Knit fashion ⠒̫⃝♡*

15 Oct 2015


Answered questions hereeee

① How tall are you in centimeters?

→ I’m 150.5 cm tall!** Doyaaa!!

② What’s Shukashuu’s signature kill move?

→ Hey there… what do you mean lol. Signature kill move!?? lmao

Maybe a punch~? haha I tried karate when I was younger… but I quit while I was a still a white belt


By the way, calling me 150cm tall is incorrect!! That half a centimeter is super important to me, okay? (꒪⌓꒪) Are there people who think this is funny? Hm? Of course not. mmm (꒪⌓꒪) I’m tall (꒪⌓꒪) hehe!

16 Oct 2015


We’re starting today’s Shuka Instruction Manual! Oh?!

① What’s your 50 meter dash time?

→ Somewhere between 7.5 and 8 seconds (꒪⌓꒪)

② What brand of shampoo do you use?

→ I use ASIENCE Inner Rich!! Recently my hair has gotten really nice \( ˆoˆ )/

17 Oct 2015


Here’s today’s #ShukaInstructionManual!

Q. What have you been cooking recently?

→ Cream stew, salisbury steak, and nikujaga ヽ( ´_`)ノ!! I’m still learning how to cook

18 Oct 2015


Answering the questions from my last tweet!**

**(She previously tweeted about going to Tokyo Disneyland)

① Can you handle thrill rides?

→ Yep, I’m fine with Disney’s thrill rides

② Favorite ride or attraction at Disneyland/What you rode yesterday

→ My favorite ride has to be Space Mountain!

As for the attractions I rode… I rode almost everything lol


③ Do you have a favorite Disney Character??

→ I really like Mike from Monsters Inc. and Ariel from the Little Mermaid

④ Did you wear any kind of costume to Disneyland?

→ Nope (´・_・`) One day I want to try wearing a Disney-themed costume!!

19 Oct 2015


Answers to questions hereee!!

Only answering one today, sorry

① What was your favorite sports day event?

→ Tug of war!** Haha we would always get all covered in sand while trying to pull….!! lol


**(The specific kind of tug of war that she references uses a wooden rod instead of a rope. No rope burn! but maybe splinters…)

20 Oct 2015


It’s Shuka’s instruction manual! Woooo

① When’s your birthday?

→ It’s on August 16th! Like always, it was full of surprises this year ヽ( ´_`)ノ♡♡

② What clubs did you join in middle and high school?

→ In middle school, I was in badminton club!

In high school, before I knew what was happening, I somehow ended up joining the calligraphy club lol

21 Oct 2015


Answers! YEAH!! (mysterious tension)

① Favorite school subjects

→ Music and gym. Lol

② Favorite kind of weather?

→ Soryaaa! Cloudless blue skies!

③ Are you Team Soba or Team Udon?

→ Gyaaa! Tough choice! Um! I’m probably udon.

22 Oct 2015


I’m going to answer more questions tonight (✽ ゚д゚ ✽)

① Have you been to Universal Studios Japan before?

→ I haven’t. I really reallyyyy want to go! But if I went right now there would probably be zombies there?** I’m fine when I see them on DVD but if I had to get close to them… nope. Well, when peaceful days return, I want to gooo


① What was your childhood dream?

→ When I was in kindergarten, I wanted to be a kindergarten teacher! Well, I actually wanted to be an idol more, but I was too embarrassed to tell anyone lol

② What do you do to prepare for winter?

→ I wrap my face in a biiig scarf like ‘pomff’**! Do you get what I mean? Lol… in the winter, only my eyes are visible! Hehe

23 Oct 2015


It’s still the 23rd — just barely made it in time!!! Phew!

① Are you going to dress up for Halloween?

→ I really really want to (꒪⌓꒪)

② Do you ever go to arcades to play games?

→ Of course! I like playing with the UFO Catchers**, but I’m pretty bad at it… it makes me sad

24 Oct 2015


What are your favorite animals?

→ Can’t choose…. (꒪⌓꒪) but my absolute favorite has got to be dogs!!

Here’s my beloved dog at the tender age of one month

Haaa! So cuteee (´; ω;`)♡♡


So I made a little mistake in last night’s tweet**…

My baby dog (Shura-kun) is actually twelve years old.

He’s an old dog

The photo from before was from when he was only one month old! It’s from a long time ago! I forgot to mention that though

25 Oct 2015


Tomorrow is Monday. ヽ(゚、。)ノ

Have you ever been to Niigata, Shizuoka or Osaka?

I went to Osaka for an event and had fun!!

A country you want to go to

First, I will conquer Japan, then aim for the world

27 Oct 2015


Right now, I am suffering from a 38 degree fever, Shukashuu, when you catch a cold, what do you eat?

O-oh (´;ω;`) Are you alright? I’m worried for you. Eat some rice porridge and fruits! After that, drink lots of water!

As for others, please take care of yourselves also! Get well soon (T ^ T)




Do you go karaoke by yourself?

Yes! I will sing the songs either way!

I also like to watch movies alone :(っ`ω´c):

Any recent scares?

I broke my right thumbnail the day before


28 Oct 2015



What fruit do you like?

I love pineapple the most

I like all fruits so it’s hard


29 Oct 2015


とっとっ取説!!!( •˓◞•̀ )☝︎

Do you have a favorite author?

I like Inui Kurumi-san!

Do you prefer Blu-Rays or DVDs?


Which one do you dislike more, hot or cold weather?

Hot. It makes me melt.




When you were small, what song did you like?

Ojamajo Carnival!!

Sleeping position

I move a lot!

I got sleep paralysis for the first time yesterday; it was terrible

I didn’t think that it was sleep paralysis, but it actually was ( °◃◦) Hahaha!!!

31 Oct 2015




#朱夏取扱説明書 はじまるど

Games you were into as well as candy you liked back then.

As for candy, I ate a lot of jelly and mizuame, and also 10 yen chewing gum. (giggles) As for games, I was into dodgeball!

November 2015

1 Nov 2015


#朱夏取扱説明書 はじまるよ!

Were you good at studying? Did you like it?

Mmm!! I s-studied (._.) Honestly I wasn’t very good at it! But I liked to do it!!

Artist(s) you like

An artist that I like that has influenced me more than others is Hamasaki Ayumi-san.

2 Nov 2015


#朱夏取扱説明書 だぞおお!!

Did you cut your hair to match with You-chan?

Of course that is the case! I have had long hair since I was 5, so I cut my hair and did an image change! The timing happened to be just perfect


夜にも答えますヽ( ´_`)ノ

Do you like large dogs?

I like them! I especially love SIberian Huskies.

Vegetables you dislike?

Tomatoes and Cauliflowers

Confectionaries you like?

Pure Gummy (I love gummies!!)


3 Nov 2015


Did you need to gather courage to cut the hair that you’ve always kept long in one go?

I had no hesitations this time.

Or rather, I just went to the salon and came out with short hair! (laughs)

Band(s) you like


Recently I listened to them for the first time and was hooked

#朱夏取扱説明書 でっす!

4 Nov 2015


#朱夏取扱説明書 でござるっ。

Shukashuu’s weak point is?

My shoulders are ticklish!

Vehicle(s) you like

Motorcycles! I want to ride in one

What animal do you liken yourself to?

I often get called a cat! Or a squirrel.

Is it alright if Shuka-san’s nickname is Shukashuu?

Yes! Shukashuu!

5 Nov 2015


#朱夏取扱説明書 はじまるわよ

What camera app and editing app do you use?

The camera app I use is Camera360.

The editing app I use is aillis!!

Do you have a driving license?

Nope haha. I really want to drive a car or a motorcycle but I’m hopeless!! (laughs)


Can you ride a bicycle?

Of course! (꒪⌓꒪)

To be specific, I’m a pro at riding Ladies’ Bicycles

(Well, I only pedal fast)





朝から #朱夏取扱説明書 でし!!

How often do you visit beauty salons?

Once a month!

How do you deal with something bad happening and feeling down?

I sleep a lot!! Staying in bed out of spite (laughs)

When I sleep, I quickly forget about it

7 Nov 2015


#朱夏取扱説明書 でございますっ

“Shukashuu”’s pronunciation


What is your blood type?




早めの #朱夏取扱説明書

Do you like to run?

Yes!! I’m very good at long distance running!

Do you have a special skill?

Dancing! Dancing! Da~ncing!

I love to dance! Dancing with music.

9 Nov 2015


#朱夏取扱説明書 でござまする

How do you maintain your figure?

I don’t eat white rice at night.

If I eat too much, I hold myself back the next day.

I keep my habit of daily figure training ️        


10 Nov 2015


#朱夏取扱説明書 35ページめっ!

Smell(s) you like?

The smells of roses and lavender.

Also, I like the smell of coconuts.

Any films that have a lasting impact on you?

Burlesque and Chicago.

Recently I’ve slept earlier, so I feel really sleepy at this time (っ ̯- )。

11 Nov 2015


#朱夏取扱説明書 でし!

Horror movie(s) you like

Horror movie(s) I like? None at all (laughs)

When I was in high school I followed Walking Dead for a while!! But I consider it more of a drama, really



12 Nov 2015


#朱夏取扱説明書 でし

What did you ask for from Santa? Hahahaha

He never came since I was 5, but… (laughs) Dr. Martens suddenly appeared by my bedside one day

Do you spend Christmas with your family?

Yes! Every year, I spend it with my family and we dress up as Santa ️ We also sing (Well, only me)


#朱夏取扱説明書 だよ!だよ!

What do you eat on the kotatsu during winter?

Mikan I love it

I turn 18 tomorrow, do you have any recollections of when you turned 18?

Happy Birthday

A lot happened on my 18th; my friends took me to Disneyland as a surprise

14 Nov 2015




そんなこんなで改めて #朱夏取扱説明書 でし!

Did you have a job when you were still a student?

I give off the image that I didn’t, but (laughs) I did! I worked at a second hand clothes shop!!


16 Nov 2015


#朱夏取扱説明書 でっせえ

Do you like minions?

Yes! I love them \﹙∵﹚/

When you were a student, how did you study?

I worked really hard (the night before)

Your charm point.

It’s been my eyes up until now, but I think it’s going to become my cheeks from now on. (laughs) It changed. (laughs)


#朱夏取扱説明書 でやんすっっ!!

Please tell us in detail about what happened in your zombie dream!

LOL. It was a regular dream that had zombies unexpectedly lololol.

But it was so realistic that I had trouble differentiating between reality and the dream.↓Details☆

After that, zombies appeared, so we beat them up with a folding chair.

When we went to the roof, the people already up there coldheartedly told us to leave, so I silently stayed in a classroom with my friends.

Whenever we tried to go to the toilet, all the doors ended up locked.

Zombies appeared with a “Gwaaaaa”, so we quickly grabbed folding chairs and beat them up.

Then I woke up.

18 Nov 2015



#朱夏取扱説明書 で、ござる。

What was the most painful injury you’ve had?

When I was 1 year and 6 months old, I fell from a triple decker bed and cut my tongue.

Since I was still small, I don’t remember it, but it became a really serious injury

And later, when I was 3? I dropped toast on my head.

19 Nov 2015


#朱夏取扱説明書 でごじゃるよ。

Other than the zombie dream, did you have any other dreams that you particularly remember?

A dream about the starry sky above!  If I dream about it again, I will note down what I see!! \﹙∵﹚/

What's something you really wanted to do but refrained from doing?

Being the youngest child, I had a lot of freedom and so not a lot of discipline/self-control... hehehe

20 Nov 2015


#朱夏取扱説明書 なんだぜええ

Do you still complete your tests even though you don’t understand them?

Yes! Of course (How’s that!)

What do you do when you get angry?

I don’t know, since I don’t get angry, but I guess I’ll become silent (꒪⌓꒪)?!!

21 Nov 2015


#朱夏取扱説明書 でやんすっ!!

Color(s) or Image Color(s) that you like

Red or pink… yep. Royal colors hahahaha

I liked red as an image color, but I feel like changing it recently (꒪⌓꒪) Currently looking for a new one.

22 Nov 2015


#朱夏取扱説明書 ペラペラペラー

You attach “Boom” to the end of your sentences?

F-f-f-f-found out! ৺۬

Do you eat taiyaki from the head? Or from the tail?

The tail.

23 Nov 2015


#朱夏取扱説明書 でし。

What do you recommend from Starbucks? Do you have a sweet tooth?

I don’t go to Starbucks ( ;o; ) Will I have something to recommend if so? And I don’t really have a sweet tooth! But I love chocolate!

Do you like onsens?

I love them!! I want to go to one ( ;o; )!!

24 Nov 2015


#朱夏取扱説明書 ふぅふぅ!

What kind of ramen do you like?

Soy sauce ramen. I ate some Umakara Ontama ramen yesterday.

Your profile pictures on LINE are?

Sometimes Ariel, sometimes Monsters Inc.

Do you prefer futons? Or beds?

Either one is okay! As long as there’s a comforter and blanket, it’s good for me!

25 Nov 2015


#朱夏取扱説明書  49ページめ


Shukashuu, do you like cats?

I like cats! I like animals in general

Do you like koalas?

Oooo! Hahaha of course I like koalas too

Untreated red bean paste? Or strained red bean paste?

Strained! Red! Bean! Paste.

26 Nov 2015



#朱夏取扱説明書  50ページめっ!

Are you fine with second-hand goods? Or do you have an aversion to them?

Any kind is fine by me.

A time when your mother was cool.

Even though she’s only 153cm, she drove a truck and a big bike, which I really admire.

28 Nov 2015


#朱夏取扱説明書 でっす\﹙∵﹚/

Are you able to do a backwards somersault?

Nope. I should go practice, shouldn’t I?

Would you want to fly freely in the sky with a Hopter? Or with wings?

Of course wings! Big wings! I want to.

30 Nov 2015


#朱夏取扱説明書 でっすぅー!!

There was no manual yesterday, so what happened? smh

Ugyaa! Sorry (´°‐°`) heh

Everyone’s gonna know? Does everyone know?

If I think about what I was doing, I had no time, whoops!! (laughs)

December 2015

1 Dec 2015


#朱夏取扱説明書 なっ!ん!だよ

What do you do when you can’t sleep?

I don’t think at all, I clear my head.

What kind of men’s clothes do you like?

Hmm. Nothing specifically. I like anything that fits them!!

2 Dec 2015


#朱夏取扱説明書 だぜぇいえい!

What do you think about people who can dance?

They’re great! Dance really is the best!

I want to compete with them~

Do you pardon the people who squeeze lemons on karaage?

Yep! If they do it, it can’t be helped! (laughs)





Are there any presents from Santa that had an impact on you?

When I received Licca-chan’s house!

What’s the first song that comes to your mind when you hear “Christmas song”?

All I want for Christmas is you.

Until how old did you believe in Santa’s existence? Do you still believe it now?

Up until I was 4!! Ever since I was 5, he never came (laughs)

What are your Christmas plans?

Spending it at home with my family.

8 Dec 2015


#朱夏取扱説明書 でございます


Your method of winning against a lion.

Look into its eyes and try to be friends with it. Hahaha.

Shukashuu, how do you deal with the cold?

I wear HEATTECH, masks, a coat, a scarf and gloves. (But it’s hot in trains)

My skin is really dry this season Shuu-chan, what kind of skin care do you use?

Before I exit the bath, I rub KNEIPP Bio-oil over my whole body!! It’s really a multipurpose oil!

9 Dec 2015



本日は二回! #朱夏取扱説明書

Shukashuu, you haven’t done a Santa cosplay yet?

Bufufu. Look forward to it

No twintails?

Nooo. It doesn’t fit me haha.

I will do it though! But it doesn’t fit me (laughs)

Do you like kotatsu, Shukashuu?

I freaking love them! Really really much. It makes me want to sleep.

10 Dec 2015


Please tell us the story of your meeting with your dog Shura!!

When I was 7, I first met him when I got him when I went to a friend’s house!! He was really still small back then, and ran around with all his might. That’s what I remember.

Here’s a picture from when it first arrived

11 Dec 2015


#朱夏取扱説明書 でございますっ

Are you good at naming things?

Nope. Heh.

The way you get out of your futon.

With a yell.

Any drinks that you’re into recently?

Orange juice! Recently I’ve really liked orange juice!

12 Dec 2015


#朱夏取扱説明書 でっす

My exams are drawing near, and I don’t understand physics Is Shuka-san able to do physics?

I can’t do physics… I’m really bad at it!

Good luck on your exams

Were you really able to run 50m in 7 seconds?

Yes, really Even though I have no idea how I did it now!!

13 Dec 2015


#朱夏取扱説明書 でございまする

Is it alright if I call Shukashuu Shura-chan too?

Yes! It’s okay!

Go ahead and call me Shura also !!

Note: Shura is the name of her dog!

Which one do you prefer, day or night?

It depends on the season! During winter, I prefer night!!

14 Dec 2015


#朱夏取扱説明書 でござる。

Recently, my pollen allergies have been acting up, and I can’t stop sneezing! Haha, Shukashuu, do you also suffer from this? Do you have any measures to counter pollen allergies?

I’ve had something similar to pollen allergies ever since I was born heh

It’s the truth! Hahahaha… As to counter it, definitely use masks! If it gets really bad, be sure to go to a hospital

15 Dec 2015


#朱夏取扱説明書 でごじゃいまする

Um, I always send troll questions, so do you dislike them?

No, I like them. It always makes me laugh.

Thank you \( ˆpˆ )/! (laughs)

I read all my questions! Thank you for them all!

17 Dec 2015


#朱夏取扱説明書  でござます。

When you were a student, were you part of the student council?

When I was in elementary school, I did!

During middle school and high school, I was the class representative one or two times.

Have you ever played in the snow?

Yep I’ve made snowman, had snowballs, dove into snow and more!!

18 Dec 2015



#朱夏取扱説明書 ですすすす!

Shuka-san, do you want to pull off “SAITOU-SAN DAZO!”? hahahahaha

I’ll practice it w

Do you prefer square mochi? Or round mochi?

Wai, square mochi \( ˆpˆ )/

19 Dec 2015


#朱夏取扱説明書 ですんっ

What do you like to drink during the winter?

Hot Chocolate! But I also like to drink tea.

Between the full moon, half moon and new moon, which one do you like?

I like the new moon! But, I also like… the full moon (꒪⌓꒪)

20 Dec 2015



#朱夏取扱説明書 ですん

When you’re dancing or something and you stub your toe, how do you relieve the pain?

Scream. No matter what, scream. (laughs)

23 Dec 2015


#朱夏取扱説明書 でっせんん!!

In that photo where you look more mature, what is the accessory?

It’s a tattoo choker set!

I bought it from WEGO

Whether or not it matches the clothes, this is still cute!! It is!!

25 Dec 2015


#朱夏取扱説明書 でごじゃます


Do you have any other cosplay plans?

I’m really sorry, I don’t. (laughs)

But even so, I want to~!!

It will happen at events from now on ️☆

January 2016

9 Jan 2016



#朱夏取扱説明書 2016 初☆

Did you pass the New Year at home? Or did you go out?

I really was home this year



15 Jan 2016



#朱夏取扱説明書 ですん!

Please tell us anything new that you want to accomplish in 2016!

I want to play an instrument~ I do!

I’ve wanted to play the trumpet for a long time ☆

17 Jan 2016


あっ 足痺れた動けない

#朱夏取扱説明書 でござる。

Right after the new year started, what was the first thing you ate?

Mochi sprinkled with soy flour!

Do you prefer red bean paste that had the red beans strained to remove bean skins or untreated ones?


20 Jan 2016


がらの〜。 #朱夏取扱説明書


What drink(s) do Shukashuu like?

Orange juice and black tea ☆

Please tell us the prefecture(s) you like!

I like Kamakura and I want to go there. (laughs)

Can you draw, Shukashuu?

I can… I think… (laughs)

24 Jan 2016


#朱夏取扱説明書 でござる

Shuka-chan, up until now, what has made you shiver the most?

When I saw a ghost.

Please tell us the animals you like~~

Dogs! But I like all of them so I can’t choose

What do you want to do when the snow is falling?

I want to build a snowman

27 Jan 2016


#朱夏取扱説明書 でやんすっ



Do you add mustard to your natto?


Do the days of a month pass by quickly?

Extremely fast. Or rather, a year passes by quickly too.

29 Jan 2016


#朱夏取扱説明書  おやすみっ

Shukashuu, what do you think is the time that you feel the most blessed?

It’s when I’m dancing a dance. I feel really blessed then.

Do you share men’s interests (like cars, robots or things like that)?

Because I don’t know too much about those, I want them to tell me more about it.

And then we’ll be able to talk about them together ☆

31 Jan 2016


( ´◡͐`)oO( おやすみん


Please tell me about your activities when you were a child!

I did piano, calligraphy, dance, karate, and swimming

What do you do to motivate yourself?

I listen to music with high tension to get motivated.

February 2016

2 Feb 2016


#朱夏取扱説明書 でございまする

It’s my first time contributing!! I don’t know the intonation for “Shukashuu”; Please tell me the correct way to pronounce it.

Thank you for contributing for the first time

I’ve tweeted a pronunciation animation before, so please take a look at it

7 Feb 2016


#朱夏取扱説明書 でございます

I believe that it’s the entrance exam season right now, is there anything you do for good luck?

I ate katsu ☆

I got katsu sandwiches from mama

11 Feb 2016



#朱夏取扱説明書 でございます

When you experience myalgia, are you someone who feels good about the sensation?

“Owwwwwwwwwwwwwww,” is what I’ll say, but I’m someone who would still laugh. Just like when the leg goes numb or something like that.

Do you s(hu)kate?

I s(hu)kated! ...when I was in kindergarten hehe

15 Feb 2016




How do you overcome a pollen allergy?

That’s what I want to know the most (´・×・`)

Do you like your curry mild, medium hot, or hot, or would you prefer original?

My family likes mild curry! I love curry. Yum.

21 Feb 2016


#朱夏取扱説明書 でございます

If the world ends today, what would you want to do?

I will do what I normally do! My usual life is the best

22 Feb 2016



布団にはいろう 本を読もう


Please tell us your favorite Disney character ♪

Ariel and Mike from Monsters Inc.

I can’t choose my favorite from Disney (꒪⌓꒪)

March 2016

3 Mar 2016


#朱夏取扱説明書 です


Did you wish upon a shooting star?


Between the sea and the river, which one do you like more?

Mmm! How worrying! Both are no-nos…? hahahaha

Do you like the rain?

I like the sound! The sound of the rain!!

5 Mar 2016


#朱夏取扱説明書 でござます

Do I submit too much to #朱夏取扱説明書? I guess it’s troublesome after all

Not at all ️ Rather, it makes me happy ★

I will also answer as much as I can!!

7 Mar 2016


#朱夏取扱説明書 でござます

The other day, I had my graduation ceremony. Did Shukashuu cry during your graduation ceremony~?

Oh! Congratulations on your graduation I cried really loudly during my junior high graduation, but I was somewhat excited during my high school graduation… Hehehehe

12 Mar 2016



Shukashuu, did you not set a profile banner?

What should I set it as… I forgot.

I wonder what’s good… ( ˙ ¯ ˙) ._.)

I think your nickname is similar to chou a la creme, do you like that too?

I like it!

15 Mar 2016


#朱夏取扱説明書 だよお!いえーい!

Shukashuu, have you ever grown out your hair? If yes, what kind of hairstyle did you have?

Up until last year, I had long hair! It’s been 5 years since I had short hair!

I had my hair curled up into twintailed dango and others!!

I’ve also had fake eyebrows :(っ`ω´c):!

17 Mar 2016


#朱夏取扱説明書 でござまふ

When you were small, what kind of person were you?

My mom said that I was a tomboy! Even though I was the smallest among the four of us, I talked in a manner unbefitting of my size and I had a lot of freedom. (laughs)

I was quite the motor mouth when I was small.

Anyway, I think I was a pretty simple person. Hehe.

20 Mar 2016




What is the secret of your smile?

Mmm! I just smile without worry, I guess? (laughs)

I frequently get questions about my smile.

All the words of praise make me really happy.

Thank you

I’m also happy that my hair is well-liked, yay!

22 Mar 2016



#朱夏取扱説明書 でござますっる


Recently, have you had any recurring dreams?

I’ve had dreams about animals!

Bonus: One reply was, “Is it about Rikyako’s elephant?”

Shukashuu, do you write letters often?

I write them pretty often! I like to write letters

April 2016

5 April 2016


#朱夏取扱説明書 だったりたり

What pranks did you pull on April Fool’s?

I didn’t pull any! I was the victim (´゚д゚`)

What animal do you liken yourself to?

A squirrel is what’s been often said haha. It’s a resemblance… right? (laughs)

18 April 2016


おはようございます。朝から #朱夏取扱説明書


If there was a drug that could turn you invisible, would you drink it?

If there was a drug to turn me back to being a normal human being, I’d drink it! If not, I won’t drink it!

Do you have any sweets that you eat often?

I want to say gummies, but actually, it’s Sakusaku Panda!

25 April 2016




Golden Week is coming soon, tell us your plans for passing it?

I will meet with my family and go out with them! I have many memories from Asakusa!

What is everyone else going to do~( ˊ࿁ˋ ) ᐝ?

Shukashuu, do you often wear headwear?

I wear them often! I love headwear.

May 2016

4 May 2016



#朱夏取扱説明書 です


Do you like frogs?

I like them!! They’re usually cute! Touch-

What case do you use for your phone?

Right now, a clear case! But I have plans to change it to a flip case

Do you procrastinate on your holiday homework?

I’m a procrastinator… hehehehe

5 May 2016


#朱夏取扱説明書 でござます

Are you someone who can withstand getting tickled?

Eh? To withstand… That’s quite unreasonable, excuse me.

Is Shukashuu part of the meat faction? Or the fish faction?

Meat! Meat~! Steak.

7 May 2016



#朱夏取扱説明書 でこざいます

When you get hungry in the middle of the night, do you eat a night snack?

Nooooo (´っoб。`)

What kind of noodles do you like?


Do you add mustard to Natto?


10 May 2016


#朱夏取扱説明書 でござます


Do you know how to use a PC well?

Not really, so I’m afraid to do too much on one!

Do you keep the wraparound band on books?

Yes I do!

Around how many photos do you have on your camera roll?

1923! 42 videos also!

27 May 2016


#朱夏取扱説明書 またおひさしーになっちた



Do you… like… scary stories? (loudly)

Noooooooooooo (echo)

Are you weak to seasonally limited items?

W-e-ak ( ´_ノ` )

June 2016

3 Jun 2016


#朱夏取扱説明書 です

When you were a student, were you also an entertainer like now?

I wonder~. Am I really an entertainer now? (laughs)

Recently, what music do you often listen to?

It changes according to my mood, but I listen to back number and RADWIMPS in the evening!

7 Jun 2016


#朱夏取扱説明書 ですんですん

Is there something Shukashuu has been into recently?

I am into piggybacking on Furihata-shi and QuickSnapping it.

Also, I take plenty of pictures on my Holga!

You’re often wearing headwear; do you prefer hats or caps?

Caps!! I love headwear!!

8 Jun 2016



What movies have you watched recently?

Zootopia; Akegarasu if you mean DVDs \( 'ω' )/

What do you call your older sibling?

Thanks for the questions I call them by their name.

Sometimes, for fun, I call her onee-chan~! (laughs)

24 Jun 2016


#朱夏取扱説明書 だよだよっ!

What type of tea do you drink often?

Jasmine tea

Have you ever fractured your bones?

Never! Hehe.

おやぷにぷに(˘ω˘ ≡ ˘ω˘)

July 2016

16 July 2016




Any hairstyles that you want to try in the future?

Really short hair, like a man’s. For now, I also want to try a ponytail.

Do you have a season pass for Disneyland?

Not at all

When you listen to music, do you use earphones or headphones?

I’m part of the earphone group \( 'ω' )/

21 July 2016


突然 #朱夏取扱説明書 ですやん

How many pairs of sneakers do you have? Also, what are your favorite sneakers?

I think around 5-6 pairs? Recently, my favorite pair is VANS.

When you buy CDs or books, do you put covers on them?

Yes! I can’t let them get dirty! Hahaha

27 July 2016



ってな感じで #朱夏取扱説明書

What kind of flower(s) do you like?

Sunflower and Baby’s Breath

When you go to a summer festival, do you set up a stall and sell food?

I sell buttered potatoes.